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Adidas is one of the most famous retro shoe companies in the world.most likely, this is due to the fact that Adidas has embraced, promoted, and given brand recognition to their retro shoes. Adidas originals is a subset of the Adidas brand which focuses on the style of clothing and apparel that Adidas was famous for, for the last half-century. Before I go into details about the Adidas originals and the significant shoes included in the Adidas originals lineup, let me give you an overview of Adidas as a corporation.

A Little Background on Adidas

While this might come as a surprise to some, Adidas is actually a very successful long-running German company. I know in my history, I never associated Adidas with German. It might have been due to the people wearing the shoes that I encountered, or just my lack of worldly experience, but I would’ve sworn they were designed by a Latin American country.

The Adidas group consists of the Reebok brand and tailor-made for golf. In addition to shoes the company also produces a wide line of apparel including bags, hats, shirts, shorts, pants, and just about any other wearable item. Their focus however has always been around sports apparel. Sports apparel is how Adidas got started in the apparel world. Being a German company it was only natural that Adidas’goals included helping German athletes when the Olympic Games.

Founded by a pair of brothers, Adidas was a small company with innovative sports apparel. Considered cutting edge at the time, Adidas achieved their goals of having their apparel featured in the Olympic Games. Through all of their success though, the brothers were divided on how to run the company. The pair finally split several years later with one brother opening up competing company Puma, another company that I had no idea was German. The company was owned by these German brothers up until the 80s when it was bought out by a French company. In the early 90s this French company went through bankruptcy and it shifted hands again. Later, it experienced rapid acquisitions and mergers. Today, the group is worth over 11 billion and is the largest sports fashion apparel company on the planet. Some of the most common sports that Adidas focuses on include soccer, golf, running, football, cricket, basketball, and skating.

Adidas Originals

The Adidas originals brand is a subset of the Adidas group. It was launched officially in 2008, but it was decided more than 11 years prior, that all Adidas original equipment would maintain the original logo. This subset focuses on the style of clothing Adidas produced over the last half-century. Part of the Adidas originals brand includes the original Trefoil logo. This is significant because all new Adidas sports apparel now features their updated performance logo. In terms of shoes, Adidas committed themselves long-term to continue the production of some of their most famous shoes that put them on the map. The issues include the following:

Adidas Samba

Adidas Gazelle

Adidas Superstar

Adidas Adicolor

Adidas La Trainer

Adidas Samoa

Adidas Campus

And Many Many More…